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Eloquence emerging


After spending long time with Eloquent I finally decided to release some of my work – extensions that will make your life easier, when working with Eloquent ORM.

They will be released bit by bit on github and much more will be found in the book I’m working on.

As a starter take a look at the repo and make sure to follow, for I will be updating it regularly!


Leave your thoughts in the comments – what would you like me to cover in the book, what is the most difficult part that you need help with, what use-cases would be most desirable.

Laravel Query Builder global scope – how to use custom Connection and Query Builder in Laravel 4


Eloquent Global Scopes make it easy to customize your Model’s queries, however sometimes it is just not enough.

You may want to use similar solution for you DB::table(..) calls as well. While there’s no built-in feature for this, you can still do it with just a little more effort, and here’s how it’s done.

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sofa/revisionable – nice & easy way to keep track of db changes


It is essential for every application to keep track of the data revisions. As an admin or sort of supervising user, you want to know how, when and who is responsible for changing the data.

Here’s something you should try out, because it makes this kind of work stupid-simple:


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Tweaking Eloquent relations – how to get hasMany relation count efficiently?


When working with relationships, most likely you need to get count of related models in many places. There are obvious ways to achieve this of course, but not always efficient. Especially when you are loading a collection of models and their relations.

So let me show you what we can do about it!

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Tweaking Eloquent relations – how to get N related models per parent ?


Previously I showed you how to get single related model per each parent, while eager loading the hasMany relation. That was pretty easy and we just made the most of the Eloquent.

However, most likely the time will come, when you need several related models per parent.

It won’t be as easy, but it’s far from impossible, so let’s do it!

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New project open – RMA@SOFA

Starting new project called RMA@SOFA.

It will cover most of the needs of service points, starting with IT services, then much more!

Roadmap and features outline will be here soon. Also there will be case study for package development and a few tutorial-ish posts/screencasts.

Stay tuned!

Coming soon…

Welcome to SOFTonSOFA!

Coming soon with news and more!

Leave a note on for more info, roadmap and current projects.


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