I made a series about psysh and Laravel’s tinker – powerful REPL where you can play with your whole application.

ICYMI check it out here: tinker like a boss and here’s example of what we can achieve:

There is, however, missing piece of the puzzle in the series. It describes how you can custimze presenters in REPL (called casters in PsySH), but I describe generic, global casters that reside in PsySH config. This is very handy, but you cannot distribute them among your team members (or anyone else for that matter) in the repo.

Today we are going to add that piece to the puzzle and see how to customize and override psysh casters in Laravel app.

We need just a few simple steps:

  1. Override tinker command
  2. Override service provider
  3. Create our casters and define them in the application config


Override original ServiceProvider and Command

First let’s create our customized Command, which will allows us to provide array with customized casters:


Next step is to use this command instead of the original – we can achieve that by replacing the service provider:

Create and register casters

Finally, let’s create example caster and set it up in the config/tinker.php configuration file:


And we are up & running!


Let’s see that in action before we dive into the code:



PS. Soon you will be able to customize casters without hassle, as I’ve already pushed a PR, which provides this functionality out-of-the-box:


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